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01. Find a shift

Find available shifts near you that pique your interest, match your skill set, and fit your schedule. Once you find a shift that fits, apply to it.

02. Work a shift

Once you’re accepted to work the shift, follow the company’s instructions, show up, and get the job done. Work any where from 1 to over 100 shifts.

03. Get paid

With your payment info linked to your account, you will automatically get paid by the company soon after completing your shift.
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Your profile on Bacon is not your standard bio and profile pic, it's real proof that you hustle. The Bacon app is designed to provide you opportunities for growth with meaningful evidence to back that.

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The more you hustle, the more reviews you'll earn. The employer reviews you receive on Bacon are valuable. Use these reviews as references and as evidence that you can hustle.

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Bacon is versatile. Simply use it as your
go-to side hustle, or work your way to opportunity and permanence. After building a strong profile, many Bacon workers find themselves being offered full-time jobs.

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How Do I Apply For a Shift?

After you have successfully completed your information on experience and skills, and the on-boarding process, you’ll be contacted by someone from our Worker Success team. You must complete our interview process in order to be granted access to the platform and apply to shifts in your area.

Do I work for Bacon?

No. You are considered an independent contractor, a 1099 worker.

Can anyone work shifts on Bacon?

Yes! As long as you are over the age of 18 and pass a basic background check, then you are qualified to apply for shifts on the Bacon app.

How do I get paid?

Upon signing up on the app, you will add your bank account info. Once you complete a shift and the company verifies your hours, the payment process begins. Payment automatically shows up in your account within 2-3 days.

Still have more questions? Visit our knowledge base for additional resources.