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We make temp work professional & respectable.


In the competitive world of your business, you need  a go-to method to help find workers who are reliable and can "hustle." When a Bacon worker applies to your shift, they know to show up and get the job done.


Review qualified Bacon applicants and choose the ones you want to show up. Their profile has reviews, previous experience, and ratings. If you like the worker, you keep 'em--free of charge.


Your business and our method rely on each other. Rate your temp worker after their shift. We keep track of ratings and reviews so that you can rely on Bacon to send you competent workers every time.

Post a shift

List in your post the stuff people need to know to get the job done--the location, number of workers needed, dress code, you get the gist. You're even in control of the hourly rate. This is the beauty of on-demand staffing.

Pick your workers

Once your shift is posted, any of our workers can apply. After reviewing their profiles, previous experience, and past ratings, you get to select the workers who show up to your business.

Rate & Pay

After a completed shift, no need to fill out complicated paperwork. Simply give the worker a rating, leave a review, and push a button to pay them with your preferred method of payment on the same app.

Quality Workers for your Industry

Bacon workers have been there done that—warehouse fulfillment, transportation needs, event staffing, catering. You name the industry and you'll find quality workers for hire.

Three reasons we're better than a temp agency:







While a traditional temp agency averages a fill rate of 46%, we pride ourselves in a fill rate between 72-89%. What does that mean? It's simple: our workers show up to get the job done.

While we believe it's important to have a great on-demand hiring app with all the bells and whistles, we believe that no piece of tech can replace the importance of hard working men and women.

We built Bacon with both the workers, and the businesses in mind. Our guarantee is that you will hire quality temp workers that are ready to hustle.  
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University of Utah

Staffing hundreds of concessions workers at dozens of events successfully.


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Using a 93% fill rate and full-time hires from Bacon to make products moms love.


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