Warehouse Staffing

Hire workers for as short as a single shift.


Warehouse Staffing for Utah & Dallas-Ft. Worth Texas

Seeing a spike in sales is always good news! Except...when you don’t have adequate staff to meet the demand. (Then your good fortune might seem like more of a curse for your business.)

An onslaught of orders can easily lead to overworked warehouse staff, and overworked warehouse staff can lead to discontented workers, missed orders, and unhappy customers.

Luckily, hiring from a warehouse staffing agency in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX and Utah is the perfect fix any time you need extra workers onboard.

A New Type of Warehouse Staffing in Utah and Texas

Uh-oh...are you already groaning? Maybe you’ve had poor performance from past temp workers, making you skeptical of the whole temp agency model. In that case, we don’t blame you for your hesitancy. We, too, saw many ways that temp agencies could be improved, so we decided to make big changes happen with our convenient staffing app.

If you’re looking for a better warehouse staffing option in Utah or Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX, Bacon is just what you need. Our user-friendly app takes the headache out of hiring temp employees. We’ve streamlined the onboarding process so you have stellar warehouse employees on the scene when you need them most, without all the paperwork and red tape.

How It Works

Here’s how it works: choose from a pool of eligible candidates, see who you’re hiring in advance, and pay a lower percentage to get the job done. Rate workers when the job is complete, and that’s it! No worry about payroll or other complicated processes that come with other warehouse temp services in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX, and Utah.

Download Our App Today

We’re confident you’ll love Bacon. Why? Because you’ll save time and money, reduce overtime costs and burnout, and get the specialty skill sets you need to help your business thrive. You can even easily hire the workers you’d love to keep on long term. So come join the revolution—download the Bacon app and get warehouse staffing in Utah andTexas today.